Our Services

We will provide a one-time review of your financial situation and investments, or on-going financial advice and investment management.  Tell us what you need.  

Financial Planning

We follow a comprehensive process to ensure that you are protected from the issues that threaten economic security. We will:

  • Assess your current and future income needs and prepare cash flow projections as necessary;

  • Review your tax situation for long-term savings opportunities;

  • Recommend insurance coverages - we do not sell insurance, so our advice is unbiased; and

  • Address your asset protection and estate planning needs

We will work closely with your existing accountants, estate attorneys, and insurance agents or recommend skilled and responsive advisors as needed.

Investment Management

We establish investment strategies that are designed to maximize gains and limit losses.  We achieve this by building diversified portfolios and maintaining a disciplined approach. Our allocations begin with a thorough understanding of your current situation and future goals.  We work with you closely to identify how much risk you need to accept.  While it is futile to time increasingly complex and interconnected markets, we can assess threats and opportunities, and pay attention to valuations. We recommend investments that are understandable, liquid, and reasonably priced.


Wealthy families have a unique set of challenges and opportunities. One client inherited significant wealth in his mid-fifties when his father died. Suddenly he had to start managing numerous accounts and advisors with no prior experience.  He described how he had been instructed to appear at a lawyer’s office on his 18th birthday and sign new documents that kept the assets out of his control. He did not want his kids’ financial education to be deferred until his death, and he asked us to work with them. Incrementally, we gave the boys increasing levels of money, responsibility, and skills. Their father had the bravery and foresight to empower his children to manage their finances even though his own training had been non-existent.